Hello there Hyped members.

We're pleased to announce the promotions and new updates for our servers.

Starting off with the video contest we are starting from today. The contest ends August 1st, which means you have 1 month to create your video!

The rules are simple. Create a video that is about Hyped-Gaming. It can be about the Jailbreak or Garry's mod server, the community and its members, or anything else that comes to mind.

1) Video must be under 5 mins
2) Video must involve Hyped in some way
3) The video must be positive and cannot make Hyped look bad
4) Use your imagination!
Upload your video to youtube and send it to me either through steam or the forums. All videos will be posted August 2nd in a seperate thread.


1ST Place Winner: Donor Status [Perm], Donor Status in Vent & Website OR 300 Hyped Points + 200 Hyped Cigs

2ND Place Winner: 200 Hyped Points + 100 cigs

3RD Place Winner: 100 Hyped Points + 50 cigs

How the video will be judged:

Quality of the video
If it has a storyline or just an advertisement video (up to you)
Members who do not enter the contest may vote for the winners.

Moving on...

Here are the promotions for June 2014:

 Promoted from |HM| to |HJ|
 Sup Dawg
 Le Thug

 Promoted from |HJ| to |HS|

 Promoted from |HS| to |HyP|

 Congratulations to everyone on the promotions.
 If I missed anyone make sure to let me know :)

The updates for Jailbreak:

- We all know how boring it can get at times, when dying in the jailbreak server and having to wait til the round ends. Don't worry child! No more being bored when dying!

You're now able to play tetris. Simply type tetris in chat.

- You now earn double points every weekend!

- A new super fun day is in the daysmenu! Lots of you probably already discovered it! 

- New maps added replacing older ones: (a couple of more will be added soon)

 - Couple of other updates that I'll let you explore. So go grab your backpack Dora!

 If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or you find any bug in the game please report it on this thread:

We would like to try and create scrims more often. Stay tuned for more details to be explained in the near future.

Garry's Mod:
As for Garry's Mod we are now looking for new admins since we aren't always on the server.
We're looking for someone who is dedicated, mature, and active on the Garry's Mod server and forums.

When applying for admin don't forget to use the following form:

Here's an example on how to make an admin application, in case you're new to this:

That was it!
If you have any questions/critic about anything feel free to let us know.
Either add me or other staff members on steam, or you could also message us here on the forums.

-Hyped Leadership

`Camper/ Nokia Day wins!
FreakOut44 im going to make a video! hope it works!
BesTeD Yay! Finally promoted thanks a lot! i will also try to be much more active on Garry's mod and maybe work my way up to an ...